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Using email templates for canned responses (Web Only)

Step 1: Click New message

Step 2: Click the 3 dots near the bottom middle of the window.

Step 3: Click My Templates

Step 4: look for this screen

Step 5: Click the Plus

Step 6 : Give it a title and then type what you want it to say

Step 7: Click Save

Now the template is saved for all future emails.

How to Store a Credit Card

Step 1: Find on the top of the portal “Stored Payment Options”, then click manage

Step 2: Once you see “Add a Credit Card”, Click on it

Step 3: Click on “Click To Enter Card”

Step 4: Enter your credit card info and click “Submit”

Step 5: Add a nickname (ie. Main Blue Card), and the expiration date on the card

Step 6: Once you are greeted with this prompt your card is all set.