Our Services

Computer Services

In today's day and age computers are the backbones of all sucessfull businesses. If your systems fail, it can cost time and money. This is where Type B comes in. Let us help to prevent this and any issue you run into along the way.

Phone Systems

With phones being the heart of all businesses, a great system can do you wonders. As technology advances, so do phone systems, but that does not mean it has to be complicated. At Type B, we can set you up with a new phone system, and we even service the systems we install.


One of the most important, but ignored, parts of a business is the network within it. A proper networking set up not only gets you on the internet, but it connects you to your server, camera system, other computers and sometimes even your phones.

Web Design

Websites are your biggest spokesperson, and today, most people won't notice you without one.

Data Recovery

In the digital age that we live in it can be detrimental to lose your data, most consumers and even businesses do not implement any sort of disaster recovery.

Onsite Repair

Equipment breaks. It’s inevitable, but that does not always mean it’s time to replace it. Most technology can be repaired, and that’s just what we do. We fix what does not need to be replaced. Not only is it more cost effective but it helps to lower e-waste.

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